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Warped Tour - Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, CA (2016.08.05)

I wasn't going to post about Warped Tour because I didn't have a photo pass and I didn't take that many pictures. However, I just moved and currently have no friends to hang with and no job to go to - so I have tons of free time. Apparently last year they changed the location to Warped Tour from Chula Vista to San Diego. It was really weird to go to Qualcomm Stadium instead. I've been going to the same place, under several different names, for Warped tour since I was 13 and never really thought I would find myself going somewhere else. I don't know why it was so weird. Anyway, there were some mix ups with the guest list and my friend and I ended up not having "All Access" but still could get in. It was kinda shitty - but still better than not going.

I'm really thankful we got in when we did because New Found Glory was already on stage...

New Found Glory

I didn't take that many pictures of NFG (for most of there set I couldn't see very well since I was in the crowd). Towards the end of the set I decided to try to take some pictures since I had brought my camera with me. I had a lot of fun watching them. I almost decided to crowd surf, but I got too scared I'd get hurt. I'm so rock n' roll.

They played many of their old/popular songs e.g., "All Down Hill from Here", "Hit or Miss", and "My Friends Over You" and surprisingly still have tons of energy while playing them.

The Summer Set

And then there's The Summer Set. They've been apart of my life for about 9 years now. I'm incredibly grateful for them. I didn't get to hang out with any of them for very long this time around, which was super sad because I miss them a hell of a lot. Whenever I see them now, playing for a huge crowd of singing, screaming, dancing fans, I always think back to those small shows after we first met. It's so crazy to think about. I'm so proud of them for keeping with it for all these years. Their set was incredibly hot and sweaty since it was 12:20pm, but Brian still somehow managed to wear a jacket for almost the whole thing. I seriously don't know how he doesn't die of heat exhaustion everyday.

Anyway, they played a good fun set, with some questionable dance moves, and got the crowd really into it even though it was still early in the day. They're great performers.

After The Summer Set we went and got some beer and hung out with Dylan (TSS' merch dude/long time friend) - it's always real good to see him.

Then we listened to and watched some other bands while trying to hide in the shade (we still managed to get sunburned). Warped this year was like a time machine so many older bands / bands I didn't know were still bands played.

After that we complained for a while - because what's Warped Tour without complaining about the heat and being tired?!

The Maine

We almost left before The Maine, but 15 year old me needed to stay and watch them. I haven't kept up with their music over the last 9 years, so it was great to watch them and see how much they've grown as musicians and people. I really enjoyed their set. They invited a fan on stage to dance and sing and got the crowd into it.

Waka Flocka Flame

This is the only picture I took of Waka Flocka Flame (because the lighting was terrible and I was almost too short to see) but I have to write at least a little bit about his set. When his set started, half the crowd mocked it by dancing horribly, and the other half look startled and confused. I wish I could go back and record everyone so I could watch it over and over again.

Flocka is definitely not someone you'd expect to see at Warped .... but he drew the biggest crowd I saw that day and kept us all entertained. He had what was probably the most interesting set all day. He kept randomly playing super popular early '00s Warped bands and people would come running saying "oh my god I didn't know they were playing", and then he'd switch back to his songs. It was fucking genius.

Btw, he's vegan too and that's cool as fuck.

So the day turned out way different than expected, since I thought I'd be sitting in an air conditioned bus drinkin' beer all day. Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled. Anyway, the day still turned out good and left me with great memories. I just wish I got to see a little more of my friends. Sorry, this is probably the longest blog I've ever posted. I'll go try to find friends in LA now.


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