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I'm a photographer.

(& the Founder and Editor of Veusik Music Publication).

I use photography to encapsulate specific moments in time; moments that will eventually become blurred memories. Taking a photo allows a split second to be viewed by others and become imagery that does not fade away with time, but instead, can be re-lived in the many years to come.

I bought my first camera in 2010, and I couldn’t wait to start documenting. I started to view the world differently and constantly thought about how to frame my next shot. I developed a strong passion to record the world around me. From landscapes and wildlife, to portraits, to live music, I discovered a love for photography and learned what intrigued me about each subject. 

Landscape photography brought me peace. Taking pictures of animals encouraged me to predict their next behavior. Creating portraits allowed me to document the true essence of an individual. And concert photography granted me the ability to share the unique energy that the performers and crowds create.

There is a great power in choosing which moment will live on forever in a photograph.

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