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I'm a Live Music and Portrait Photographer,

& the Founder and Editor of Veusik Music Publication.


I use photography to encapsulate specific moments in time; moments that will eventually become blurred memories. Taking a photo allows a split second to be viewed by others and become a memory that does not fade away with time, but instead can be re-lived in the years to come.


In my teens, I traveled from state to state watching my favorite bands perform. I’ve made lifelong friends all over the country because of my many adolescent excursions. I bought my first camera in 2010, and I couldn’t wait to start documenting the unique energy that the performers and crowds create. Photographing shows and tours has become a passion that will never die. 


I also enjoy taking pictures of people. When creating portraits I strive document the true essence of an individual. Portraits are so interesting because I can capture so much emotion and personality that with one simple photograph I am able to create a narrative.


There is a great power in choosing which moment will live on forever in a photograph.


© 2020 Julie Pavlacka

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