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Andrew McMahon - Salt Creek Beach - Dana Point, CA (2017.08.17)

This event was part of the OC Parks: Summer Concert Series; every Thursday they put on a free show at Bluff Park in Salt Creak Beach in Dana Point, CA. I seriously would try to go to this every week if it wasn't so far from my house.

I had heard about the show earlier in the summer and I was like "sweet, free Andrew show" and didn't really think too much about it. I had no idea that this would turn out to be one of the best shows of my life.

I headed down to the show early to make sure I got parking and a good spot to take pictures. When I walked up to the stage I knew that this show was going to be magical. The stage was set up so the audience was overlooking the ocean, which was a little problematic before sunset, but overall it was incredible.

After claiming a spot, I went for a really amazing walk on the beach. I wished that I had worn a swimsuit and arrived earlier because the weather was perfect and the water was gorgeous.

Anyway, after hanging out on the beach and playing some Backgammon it was time for soundcheck! Soundcheck ended up turning into a pre-show since there was already a pretty large crowd and Andrew is awesome. They played songs from Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, and the Wilderness. I was mostly stoked about "Ruthless" and "Holiday from Real".

Shelter & Grace

Shelter & Grace opened for Andrew. Andrew's wife's sister's husband is in this band (I'm pretty sure that's the connection). I think this was their first show. The sun was right behind them during most of their set so it was really hard to watch them, but they sounded good!

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

"So I'll wait by a palm tree, a palm tree, a palm tree" // Taken during Soundcheck

The show was wonderful and the setlist was great - they played (almost) everything I wanted (I could always use more SoCo/Jack's songs).

Anyway, I got to see Andrew play during sunset on the beach where he grew up, and immediately after the show I got to swim in the ocean with my best friend.

I know a lot of people who past up the opportunity to come to this show - if you ever get the chance to experience something like this don't let it slip by. I was absolutely blown away.


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