• Julie Pavlacka

The Fresh Brunettes & The End & Los Shadows - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA (2016.03.16)

This is long overdue, but a little over a month ago a took some pictures for some local bands. It was a really fun show. It was at the Soda Bar on a Wednesday night so it was really low-key and chill. Everyone was super nice and had great energy on stage. It was a fun show to shoot. Unfortunately the lights at the Soda Bar are, and most likely will always be, some of the worst lights at a venue ever.

With that being said here's some pictures...

Los Shadows

The End

I had taken some pictures of The End a couple weeks before this show. So it was cool to know what to expect from them - they're a real fun band to dance too. You can check out those pictures HERE if you missed them!

The Fresh Brunettes


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