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Limbeck & Corano - Rebel Lounge - Phoenix, AZ (2016.03.04)

Psyko Steve put on a show "Celebrating 15 Years of the Best Fucking Shows Ever" - and it was the best fucking show ever.

This wasn't just a concert - it was a reunion. Friends/fans were driving, and flying, across the country for this show. It was a huge deal.

I'm not the best writer so I am going to get on with the pictures. Just know, the show was perfect. And if you missed out - hope that something like this happens soon. It was absolutely brilliant.

About the pictures: I hardly took any of the first two bands because I was hanging out with friends and drinking. Sorry? Chris and Jeff (Corano) had this cool light thing, but the venue lights were pretty much magenta for their whole set - so that was sad ... I fixed it the best I could. Well not really - I edited these all really fast. I danced most of Limbecks set, but when I got too tired I took some pictures to catch my breath. So these aren't the best - but they're still better than nothing!

I hope you all had as much fun at this show as I did - and if you didn't make it, I hope you can live vicariously through those of us that did by watching videos and looking at photos.


Tobie Milford + the Manuscripts


Ticker Tape Parade



(Chris & Jeff from Reubens Accomplice)



(The setlist was perfect. We, the crowd, convinced them to add: Watchin' the Moon Rise, Sunset Limited, and Albatross & Ivy.)

(Justin's always losin'!)

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