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The Wilderness Politics Tour - House Of Blues - San Diego, CA (2015.10.20)

This was a really good show. Andrew McMahon is one of my favorite performers and I was thrilled to get to shoot him again. I had never listened to any of the opening bands - but they all were really good and put on amazing, energetic performances. New Politics put on what is probably the most crazy, and thrilling performances I have ever seen. Mad props to those dudes for the amount of energy they exert on stage.

The only complaint I have about this show is that Andrew's set felt like it went by way too fast - oh and whoever was working the smoke machine filled the air up a little too much for almost all of Andrew's set and made most of my pictures really hazy. And of course, not enough Something Corporate songs.

Anyway, I have tons of pictures to post so I am not really going to say much more about the show. If the tour hasn't come through your city yet, you should DEFINITELY check it out. Click here for tour dates.

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