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Summer Ends Music Festival - Tempe, AZ (2015.09.25)

This festival had an amazing line up - so naturally me and all my friends met up for this event. It was such a good time and I wish I could repeat it over and over again.

I didn't think I was going to get to shoot this show - I was just going to dance, sing, and hang out with friends because four of my favorite bands were playing. However, after posting a picture on twitter - I some how convinced Kevin Devine to give me a photo pass. He's perfect and amazing; I am so thankful that he exists as a human. I only got to go into the pit for him, Manchester Orchestra, and Spoon - but I still took picture of everyone (except for Thrice I was too busy drinking beer and hanging out with friends and missed their set).

So let's get on with pictures!

Kevin Devine

Manchester Orchestra

And then there's these horrible pictures (but I'm posting them anyway because Kevin's in them):


Jimmy Eat World

So - this is when I started taking pictures from the back. I'm really short so there's lots of heads and stuff blocking the stage.

Brand New

There was some really tall people in front of me - but halfway through the set my friends and I went about quarter of a mile (probably not even that much of an exageration, sadly) away from the stage onto this hill that made it a little bit easier to take pictures. Sorry for the shit quality from cropping in - I can't afford any more lenses right now.

Anyway, it was such a great night. I'm am sooooo happy I got to bring my camera in - but part of me wishes I didn't have it so I could dance my ass off in the crowd. However, it might have been too hot for that and they fucking ran out of water - what kind of bullshit is that? If you some how managed to make it through this incredibly long post - I love you. Also, if anyone is interested in prints, I am thinking of opening up an online store. I'll probably be selling mostly 11"x17" and 16"x20". Let me know if you're interested in something or a specific image (new or old) and I'll see what I can do.

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