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Bleachers (3.12.15)

Alright, it's official - I am a terrible blogger. I am about to post about an event that happened four whole months ago. Things got super busy with school the last couple months. Then summer happened and I've been focused on work. But enough with excuses.

So let's get on with it.

Jack Antonoff from Steel Train and FUN. started a new project and released a really good album called Strange Desire last year.

The first time I ever saw Jack perform was in 2005. Since then, I have made so many amazing memories because (and with) this dude. I am so proud to see him create amazing songs and put on such energetic shows.


House of Blues | San Diego, CA | 3.12.15

So, San Diego was weird. I woke up at like 5AM that morning and did some form of homework and then went to class & work from 8AM-7PM. So long story short - I didn't get to the show until around 8:30PM. Which was about 15 minutes before Bleachers went on.

So at this show, I only got to take pictures of Jack's band and not the others. I did, however, get to shoot all the bands in Santa Ana and click here to check that post out!

This show was alright. It was San Diego on a Thursday night so the crowd was pretty fucking lame - but still way better than most crowds that I see in this town. Jack played "Bullet" (which is a Steel Train song) and I am pretty sure only me and like five other people knew the song. I think the weirest thing about Jack getting popular is not knowing almost everyone at the show. I used to see Steel Train in really small rooms and know at least 20 people there... now there can be a room of hundreds or thousands of people and I know two (and it's usually just Shiffman & Jack).

Here are pictures. I'm just gonna post them in chronological order to make things easier on myself.

So Jack accidently told "San Francisco" to get off their feet. This is the face he made when he realized it:

Right after that the song stopped and the crowd started booing.... figures.

But apparently he redeemed himself...

After the show, I waited for like 5 minutes to hang out and then realized I was gonna fall asleep. I also made a wrong turn when walking back to my car and it it only took me like 1/2 a mile to figure it out because I was so tired. It was a long day and my camera was giving me some trouble but I'll never pass up an opportunity to see Jack perform. He always puts on a good show. Don't forget to check out my pictures of Bleachers, The Night Terrors of 1927, & Joywave at The Observatory in Santa Ana! CLICK HERE.

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